Sunday, 12 April 2009

Long time no see

I know, it's been a long time, sorry guys~~

I was and I am still very busy for exams, dissertation, Gakkai activities, self-learning, etc...

I trying my best to do 3 hours of daimoku everyday, at least a short section of Gosho and the Sensei's novel "The Human Revolution", Japanese language learning, preparation for final exams, and 3 dialogue for kosen-rufu. I have not yet been succeeding every day, sometimes I fulfilled these but neglected others - but I'm really doing my best!

Lots of changes within these few months...It's a long story!
Where shall I begin?

Hmm...I'm chanting vigorously every day for everything - wisdom, Buddhahood, mum, Ikeda sensei and Kaneko san, family and friends, study, etc. My current biggest challenge is - firstly, of course - my dissertation. I'm having difficulties in recruiting participants, only 10 out of 108 parents responded to my recruitment - gotta chant a lot to have great fortune and wisdom!

Secondly, I'm chanting and studying really hard to get full scholarship to further study in London U and Soka U Japan - long story again so I have to make it short. It's really a great protection from shoten zenjin that I came across these two scholarship application - am currently applying for the London U one - wanna continue my study in MA Museums & Galleries in Education. I'm praying hard to study in SOka U at the Soka Education Research Institute. When I chant I firmly know that these decisions are so right - I must get all professional trainings that I need to dedicate myself to kosen-rufu and the propogation of Soka Education to the world!

That's why I'm learning Japanese now, cos I want to master Japanese before I study at the Soka Edu Research Inst - I have to read all books written by the three presidents of the Soka Gakkai - Makiguchi sensei was the founder of Soka Education; Toda sensei and Ikeda sensei carried out the mission to promote their mentor's ideal and put it into realization - here comes the Soka Education System =)

And me - I have a great mission in fulfilling my mentors' will - to elucidate a wonderful path for all humankind to attain happiness - my lifelong career compromises the art, culture, and education field.

Gotta read "The Human Revolution" now and chant for a while more before I sleep.

Most of the time I'm really exhausted and sleepy. But when I think about Ikeda sensei - his ceaseless effort and selfless dedication to kosen-rufu - how can I slacken even for a moment? I can't stop, otherwise I'll delay the advancement of kosen-rufu.

また さよなら
(mata sayonara, lit means see you, goodbye)

Remember, never ever slacken for just a single moment, otherwise devils will take advantage.

See ya, bye bye =)