Tuesday, 24 March 2009


It's complicated...I just have to chant more and more and more and more and more~

Education? Child and educational psychology?
Get into dancing again?
To move out or not?

Keep chanting, the power of daimoku is incomprehensible; what you think in front of the Gohonzon will be true. Let's redetermine and make concrete actions again!

Ganbatte kudasai!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Do your best!

I feel quite bad now...but never mind, there are so many important things in life. I will never be afraid cause I have gohonzon with me. Sensei says:"There's no coward in gakkai!" I don't want to be a coward. Yes I feel sad, but never let your emotions and heart to alter your ichinen - be clear about what you want to do and what you should do, he taught me this.

And he told me this, sensei says:"Human heart is fickle..." Therefore I MUST chant lots of daimoku to establish a strong and firm ichinen.

No prayers will go unanswered, no effort for kosen-rufu will be wasted - base your life and faith on daimoku and kosen-rufu, the buddha gods will surely protect you.

Jane, nothing is more important than your faith and kosen-rufu, you should never forget this.


Guidance that move me forward...

Seikyo Shimbun - March 12th, 2009
~Daily Encouragement~
"...simply clinging to our life will not result in attaining genuine happiness. It is by establishing a fundamental purpose and pursuing the correct course in life - ready to face any hardship this might entail - that enables us to experience a deep sense of joy and fulfillment. If we allow ourselves to be controlled by shallow desires and begrudge our lives at a crucial moment, then our hearts will wither and only misery and regret will await us."

Seikyo Shimbun - March 6th, 2009
~Daily Gosho~
"In the light of the above points, this shows, my followers, that you had better cut short your sleep by night and curtail your leisure by day, and ponder this! You must not spend your lives in vain and regret it for ten thousand years to come."
(The Problem to Be Pondered Night and Day - The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol.1, page 622)

"Life without hardships may seem more attractive, but it is a shallow, lackluster thing."
(by Daisaku Ikeda, taken from www.ikedaquotes.org)

Dear friends,
Do you ponder or day-dream on your bed every morning? When you do, you have two choices: to dream what you like to dream of, or to get up and exert each moment with full effort to realize your dreams. I'll choose the latter one, I hope you will too =)

All the best,
Jane Woo