Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Do your best!

I feel quite bad now...but never mind, there are so many important things in life. I will never be afraid cause I have gohonzon with me. Sensei says:"There's no coward in gakkai!" I don't want to be a coward. Yes I feel sad, but never let your emotions and heart to alter your ichinen - be clear about what you want to do and what you should do, he taught me this.

And he told me this, sensei says:"Human heart is fickle..." Therefore I MUST chant lots of daimoku to establish a strong and firm ichinen.

No prayers will go unanswered, no effort for kosen-rufu will be wasted - base your life and faith on daimoku and kosen-rufu, the buddha gods will surely protect you.

Jane, nothing is more important than your faith and kosen-rufu, you should never forget this.



  1. yo sis!!
    finally u're updated blog..
    i do really really really miss u la!!!
    long time nvr contact edi..
    now HAD is busying on the exchange meet and 2010 practise..
    so how r u?
    busy on SGI activities right?
    let's challenge together la..
    miss u much ya..
    take care^^